Making Old Glasses Pretty

There always seems to be a few old glasses from a bygone set that are hanging around in a cupboard, and doing something with them is a distant dream. Many parents today are looking for art projects to do with their children, so perhaps making old glasses pretty with a bit of glass paint could be a shared project. There are different types of glass paint available, so it pays to read the labels before buying. For parents with spare glasses to share, a few hours of painting with their children could brighten up the whole house.

The most important step in painting any glass is to ensure it is very clean. Hot water and dish soap are a friend in this instance, and remembering to let the glasses completely dry is an important part of the process. Once they are squeaky clean and no water is left on them, painting can begin with no more preparation than opening the paint and getting out the brushes.

Modern paints come in many different styles and formulas, so it pays to check before buying. Some paints that are suitable for use on glass will require baking, and it may be best to avoid them if a simple project is what is needed. Acrylics are often a good bet for use in this setting because they have bright colours, dry fast, and they can be combined to create new shades of existing colours.

Application can be done in several different ways dependent upon the project. It might not be easy for a smaller child to use a paintbrush, but a sponge works just as well if fine work or a stencil are not necessary. For older children, outlining a design with markers that work on glass is an option before turning them loose with a brush. Smaller children might also like to use these markers instead of a brush or sponge, so it is a project that can be enjoyed by those of all ages.