How to Make Your Glassware Shiny and Spot Free

After creating a beautiful glassware piece, it is important to keep the glass completely spot free for distribution purposes or just for your own personal reasons. As getting to the store everyday and spending money on cleaning products can be a hassle, try using natural products from your own home to help rid your glassware of any unwanted spots or scummy areas. A few household products you can use to bring your glassware back to life are white vinegar, newspaper, and baby oil.

White Vinegar:

To use white vinegar to give your glassware a shiny look, all you need in a dish rag and 1-2 tablespoons of white vinegar. After the vinegar is poured onto the rag, all you need to do is start wiping down the glassware. After the vinegar has dried you will notice that the entire glass piece will be free of all spots and left shining bright. Hopefully your glassware will have quality glass decals or glass transfers which are seamlessly stuck on.  Lesser quality transfers will have frailed edges which may peel off over time.


Newspaper is far from a cleaning agent when used by itself, but when it is used to wipe down windows and glassware with an actual cleaning agent such as white vinegar, it becomes an extremely useful item. When using newspaper to wipe down your glassware, it will not leave behind any streaks or pieces of lint as products such as paper towels do. Thus, making it the perfect accessory to cleaning any glass surfaces or items in your home.

Baby Oil and White Vinegar:

If any of your glassware has a scummy surface from production or dirty hands, baby oil will rid the glass of every bit of scum by following these three simple steps:

Step1: Cover the entire piece of glass with baby oil while rubbing it in a circular motion.

Step 2: Wipe off the baby oil with a dish rag.

Step 3: Use white vinegar to get rid of all excess oils.

Video of Caitlin Bothwell demonstrating how to clean windows using vinegar and newspaper: